Let's Wow Them

Marketing your home is about knowing the current market and valuing your home accordingly.


We’ll show off how beautiful your home really is. Getting the right buyer excited is all about great visual storytelling. By utilizing state-of-the-art gear, partnering with one of Vancouver’s top visual professionals, we’ll make it feel like you’re in the living room, right from your laptop.


Once we have stunning photography and breathtaking video, we put together a strong marketing plan catered to your home to get in front of our targeted demographic of potential buyers.


Breathtaking photos

Using a Canon 5D Mark III and expert editing techniques, we’ll capture grand photos and create a spectacular, accurate profile of your home. We will focus on the highlights of your home, and leave prospective buyers wanting to see it for themselves.

Your home in HD

Using a RED EPIC-W 8K digital video camera, we’ll bring your home, the neighbourhood, and the mood to life with true cinematic quality. Every room, every moment, and every view will tell a small part of the story of your home and help buyers picture themselves there.

Fly over the neighbourhood

Using a DJI Inspire 1 Pro drone aircraft, shooting 4K, we’ll be able to show an overview of the home, the entire property, and even some of the surrounding neighbourhood.



Precision is key

We’ll get an accurate bird’s eye view of your entire home with professional, computerized floorplans based on precise measurements of every inch of livable space.

Just like in a magazine

We’ll prepare and print professional-quality listings books, like brochures, to showcase the highlights and qualities of your home, just like in a magazine.


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