Creating the dream

Finding the perfect home is about cross-referencing the many important details, truly understanding the current market conditions and past trends, and having the power to do an extensive search of the available homes out there.

We start by meeting and creating the list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, really understanding what’s important at the beginning. Then we venture out and start to find the best options.

Take a
neighbourhood tour

If you’re not familiar with a neighbourhood, I’m always happy to take my clients on a guided tour of West and North Vancouver. With nearly 30 years of familiarity on the North Shore, we’ll see communities, schools, amenities, and hidden gems of the area.

Go on a tour
of ideal listings

Making a list of perfect and realistic criteria is important, but finding the perfect home is just as much about the feeling. We’ll do private tours of ideal listings, exploring the neighbourhoods, the homes, and getting a feel for what interests you most.

Private client
search service

The housing market in Vancouver can move quickly, so it’s helpful to have push updates and notifications that let you know about homes on the market and immediate news on homes newly on the market. With access to on-market, exclusive, and off-market listings, it keeps you right at the front of the line.

No cost to the buyer

All of these programs and services come at no additional cost, in British Columbia, realty fees are always incurred by the seller.

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